Top 5 Philly Running Trails

Top 5 Philly Trails


Tired of running indoors on a treadmill? Well, we have your fix! Here we have arranged a list of open-air running trails for you to run, walk, bike or explore this summer! There is no better way to exercise while still having fun than walking or running through some of our city’s most beautiful outdoor and nature trails!

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The Wissahickon Valley Park


This wooded and green trail allows you to escape the noisy city of Philadelphia and experience our home in a whole new way! You can access the trail at many different points. Valley Park, sometimes referred to as, “Forbidden Drive Trail” being that at one point cyclists were banned from the park includes many historical points of interest for you to experience! Now open to ALL cyclists, runners and walkers!

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Schuylkill River Trail


One of the city’s favorite multi-use trails! Nearly 60 or more miles long with connections and extensions to other trails, this run or bike ride with bring you around the Art Museum and Boat House Row! The Philadelphia portion of the trail is 10 miles longs and offers the most beautiful views and a new way traveling our city on your own two feet!

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Belmont Plateau


Not your typical running trail but one of the city’s more hidden favorites! Located in Fairmount Park, this is the SPOT! With most perfected and romantic view of our city’s skyline!

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Boxer’s Trail


Why the “Boxer’s” trail? This run is more famous than you may know! Muhammad Ali used to come to Boxer’s Trail everyday to challenge his famous opponent, Joe Frazier! If you’re up for a challenge yourself, sign up for the 2018 Boxer’s Trail 5k this September here! Located in East Fairmount Park!

Image from: Fairmount Park Conservatory


FDR Park


With a 3-mile path around the calming Franklin D. Roosevelt Park, this is great quick running escape! If your follow the path even further, you will find yourself at the Navy Yard! This park is more than just aesthetically pleasing, this park is full of history! Check it out!

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-Cailyn Charlesworth

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